"100 Years"

Worlds Largest Shadowbox

Commission this traveling time capsule.

From left to right, 1865 the day the civil war ended, to the psychedelic era of the 1960’s, this world record art shows 100 years of history in a very unique way---12 feet high and 29 feet long--- period art over real period newsprint framed in up-cycled furniture---ten decades of art and history and furniture design with real life-size antique memorabilia’. Repurposed up-cycling, not often synonymous with the design industry, is the starting point for this process, as you won’t find any typical drawings or portraits scattered about our design studio. Teaching history again is the result; revived one-off designs that only our company can imagine; whimsical characterization, vibrant artwork, striking designs and delicate patterns that express a narrative.

100 Years

Because of its size capturing the beauty and fun of 100 YEARS in 'one' photo is difficult . To better your excitement of 100 Years 'period art over period newsprint' we have included more close-up pictures, including (in the center of the photo above) a ‘one of a kind’ painted mirror, etched from behind removing the silver and then back-lit. Also we have supplied you with a video below if you would like to see and learn more.