About Us

We started in 1978 as an advertising agency, winning two national awards.

It took years to prepare and display our first exhibition for 200,000 viewers -- research, design, illustrate and build -- but it took 46 years to develop a new style never tried before. People walk up to our historical displays, then double-take, turn and look back, “Yes, they really are authentic newspapers for that decade.” Period art over period newsprint wrapped in furniture history, creating unique portraits that tell a story. We love history and want to remind citizens, and inform the young, of the heritage that we Americans have fought for -- take everyone back in time with art and real memorabilia.

American Celebrations has been in the graphics art and entertainment business for a long time. Exhibitions, Special Events and Museum Quality Displays now dictate our efforts. In 1993, we changed our name from Creative Business Center to American Celebrations after deciding to create a name more in-tune with our current services. We finalized our marketing efforts after winning the bid for the domain 'AmericanCelebrations.com' and the rest is history.

Here at American Celebrations we are huge fans of Lincoln and the fact that he gave his life for change. Deathbed is an art-active portrait dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the ‘Gettysburg Address’. 80,000 people saw this artwork, young and old; many commented that it was the most unique portrait of Lincoln that they had ever seen. Not only did we use real 18oo memorabilia but we also included electronics by installing a high-tech hologram. It did fool many who thought it was film of Abraham Lincoln – impossible, as we know; there was never any footage of Lincoln.